Music Jamm

Several songs appear so often in episodes throughout Jelly Jamm, mostly performed during a montage or interwoven into the narrative. Sometimes a song is sung by a character, other times an offscreen singer does.

List of Songs (by Episode)

Multiple Episodes

Season 1

Episode Song(s)
"The Instant Gardener" "We Did It"
"Mina's Party" "Don't Get Angry"
"Mamma Mina" "Dodo's Theme"


"Promises, Promises" "Charleston"
"Super Jelly League" "We Did It"
"I Want That Too" "Charleston", "You'd Better Smile"
"The Jelly Must Flow" "It's a Beautiful World", "Together We're a Team"
"Flower Fear" "It's a Beautiful World"
"Radio Goomo" "The Sidekick Man Song", "Moving Time", "You'd Better Smile
"Royal Roomate" "Mina's Lessons" "Don't Be Afraid"
"Tree Mystery" "Playtime"
"Inventor Bello" "Jammbo Bot's Theme", "We Did It"
"Sound Detective" ""
"Rita Loses Princess" ""
"Queen Rita" ""
"Scary Stories" "Don't Be Afraid"
"Flying Lies" ""
"Mina's Swing" "Together We're a Team" (Instrumental), "Moving Time"
"Apprentice Bello" "Charleston"
"Cheating Bracelets" ""
"Operation: Save Jammbo" "It's a Beautiful World"
"Experiments in Invisibility" ""
"Musical Aurora" ""
"Haunted Castle" "Charleston" (8-bit) "Don't Be Afraid"
"Inner Space" ""
"Queen's Birthday" "Moving Time"
"My Little Queen" ""
"Goomo's Birthday" "'"
"Jammbo's Many Worlds" ""
"Great Student" ""
"Unexpected Pianist" ""
"Ultravision" ""
"One Note Universe" ""
"Wild Nature" ""
"Soundcatchers" ""
"One Eyed Bello" ""
"Goomo's Race" ""
"Agent Mina" ""
"Color of Fun" ""
"Flying Bathtub" ""
"Silent Sheriff" ""
"Back Up" ""
"Rhythm Judge" ""
"Royal Frame" ""
"White Dodo" ""
"Questions, Questions" ""
"Super Speed" ""
"Look at Me" ""
"Game Surprise" ""
"Jammbo's Rhythm" ""

Season 2

Episode Song(s)
"King's Clones" ""
"Grandpa Dodo" ""
"A Day at the Races" ""
"White Trainers" ""
"Lost Dodo" ""
"Dodo Butterfly" ""
"The Story" ""
"Home Flying Home" ""
"The Man that Could be King" ""
"Monster of Boredom" ""
"The Gift is the Gift" ""
"Double Bello" ""
"The Fall of Jammbo Man" ""
"Professor Goomo" ""
"Princess Smile" ""
"The Sticker" ""
"Assistant Grandpa" ""
"The Plant" ""
"Repetition, Repetition" ""
"Perfect Toy" ""
"The Camping Trip" ""
"Choose Me" ""
"My Turn" ""
"Jammbo TV" ""
"Holding Hands" "Holding Hands"